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      1. 好运棋牌

        JAN 08 2014

        Kardan Land

        Kardan Land

        Mandarin Film completed a comprehensive series of 'script to screen' corporate videos for international real estate company Kardan Land's new mixed-use project in Dalian.
        The brief was to create five videos:  one video to be shown to the public around the malls, the other four videos to be shown to prospective retail tenants and residential buyers of the building.  The videos needed to be attractive but also to contain a great deal of vital information about the new mall (it was unfinished, which presented another challenge) without being too staged, detail driven or stuffy.
        Mandarin Film went through five rounds of pitching, competing with many other leading international branding and media companies before finally landing the job with an idea that can best be described as 'Sichuan flow'.  The centrepiece of the videos would be a fast cut but flowing narrative of a young architect (actor) visiting Kardan Land's biggest mall in China "Chengdu Galleria', whilst also showcasing the vibrancy of the city and tacitly linking the two.
        Once the main idea had been signed off, scripts for the remaining four videos were fleshed out, drawing on the visual theme of 'flow' and giving room to employees, key tenants, management, architects and public stakeholders to have their say, without getting too 'stuffy'.
        Mandarin Film filmed in four main cities: Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai and Dalian, and used advanced film techniques, including a 'glidecam' for hero shots, a 10 metre crane, slider, time-lapse shots and multiple crews.
        The project was delivered on time, on budget and the client was delighted.  
        "Our experience with Mandarin Film was nothing short of brilliant, due to their professionalism, creativity and courtesy." Mark Young, Director, Kardan Land
        See making of pictures and finished videos below.