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      1. 好运棋牌

        APR 03 2014

        GE Medical

        GE Medical

        Mandarin Film recently wrapped up shooting on a promotional piece for GE Medical. The project bought together 3 continents, GE from America, the film crew from Paris based company Le’Square and of course ourselves Mandarin Film in Beijing.

        The aim of the project was to produce promotional images and videos for a new X-Ray system. The system, designed to be an affordable option for hospitals based in Tier 4 countries, is viewed as one of GE Medicals most important releases of the year and a number of top Managers from GE’s head office were present on set.

        Mandarin Film’s Production team of George Hollyhead and Mattias Wang dealt with all logistical elements of the project. Organising the equipment, models and transport, so that the Le’Square crew could arrive and start shooting without any extra hassle.

        The project originally pencilled in for 5 days was eventually extended to 7 on the 3rd day of shooting. The Mandarin Film team were able to make the required adjustments without causing any delay to working process.

        The shoot was a great success, with the 3 groups (GE, Le’Square and Mandarin Film), interacting well with each other. The Mandarin Film crew were always on hand to respond to any additional issues that arose during the shooting period and ensured the project was finished to a standard that the client was delighted with.