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      1. 好运棋牌

        DEC 19 2013

        Incredibly Small World

        Incredibly Small World

        Mandarin Film is proud to have been a part of the National Geographic series "Incredibly Small World", which documents the lives of people living with dwarfism around the world. The series, produced by Dragonfly Film and Television, profiles little people from Uruguay to Canada as they struggle with adversity, seek love, perform rugged outdoor feats and find their dream careers.

        The series features a 1-hour episode in China, for which Mandarin Film did all research, recce, logistics and permissions. Producers Christina Yuan, Allie Jaynes, and Mandy Li researched and scouted all China characters, locations, and stories, and Christina and Mandy accompanied the Dragonfly crew on the shoot, leading MF from the Kingdom of the Little People in Kunming to a hospital in Shanghai conducting a controversial growth hormone treatment. 

        National Geographic Content International's executive VP Hamish Mykura said in a statement: “Incredibly Small World shares the powerful journeys of individuals who are pushing to overcome adversity in remarkable ways, and gives a surprising insight into people and communities who are dealing with the pressures put on them by their societies, and are finding success, fulfillment and sometimes fame."

        Read more about the series in this article from Realscreen, and on the Dragonfly website.