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      1. 好运棋牌

        OCT 11 2019

        PULSE OF THE PLANET 《星球的脈搏》

        Pulse of the Planet is an inspirational new series which will tell the history of remarkable global trade networks through eight products, exploring key moments, worldwide shifts, and changing trends. Mandarin Film worked with renowned UK indie Lion TV to make it happen.


        In Shanghai, we filmed leading specialty coffee brand Seesaw, one of the earliest whisky bars Labs Whisky & Cocktail, and the most popular bicycle franchise Brompton Junction. In Yiwu, we filmed handbag dealers in one of the largest markets in the world. Different key products have shed light on how China has become the most important market in the world. We interviewed the founders and key staff to discover how their innovative ideas could impact Chinese economy and reshape people’s lifestyles.

        拍攝地點在充滿活力的大都市上海和全球商業中心義烏。在上海,我們拍攝了領先行業的咖啡品牌Seesaw,最早成立的威士忌酒吧和威士忌與雞尾酒實驗室,以及最受歡迎的自行車品牌 Brompton Junction。在義烏,我們拍攝了義烏市場的手袋經銷商。不同的關鍵商品展示了中國如何成為世界上最重要的市場。我們也采訪了創始人/店長,了解他們的創新性的理念如何影響中國的經濟以及改變人們的生活方式。

        Mandarin Film took on producing the China segment of “Pulse of the Planet”. We helped research potential interesting stories, logistics planning, helped the crew to apply for J2 visa and obtained all location permits.



        Applying for J2 visa for the crew and the filming permits in the city’s most iconic places with little time proved challenging. Right before the crew was due to arrive from the UK there was the Spring Festival (China’s biggest holiday) and National Congress Conference (China’s major political conference), making the administrative procedure to approve international crew filming in China slow and lengthy.



        It was a wonderful trip for the filming crew: the shoot began with enjoying Seesaw’s many flavours of specialty coffee, tasting aromatic Scottish whiskey, and wrapping up with a cocktail in hand, sitting on the balcony of the historical Fairmont Peace hotel and enjoying the amazing night view of the Bund. 


        Lion Television is one of Britain’s largest and most successful independent production companies providing programming for all of the major UK terrestrial broadcasters, (BBC, PBS ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5) and many of the digital and cable channels. Mandarin Film is proud to have cooperated with Lion TV for numerous projects in China over the last 12 years.

        雄獅電視是英國最大且最成功的的電視制作公司之一,其紀錄片在BBC (英國廣播公司)、PBS(美國廣播公司)、ITV(英國獨立電視臺) 、Channel 4(英國第四頻道)、Channel 5 (英國第五頻道)、National Geographic (國家地理頻道)等電視媒體以及其他數字媒體播出,在業界享有很高的聲譽。作為雄獅電視制作公司的長期合作伙伴,華影青橙非常榮幸地參與了雄獅電視在中國制作的高品質紀實內容項目。


        The news documentary was aired on BBC World News in September 2019.


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        SEP 22 2019

        2019 TOP 10 Locations 2019年十大拍攝地

        OK folks so it’s Chinese New Year and the pig has chased off the dog and now rules the roost. 敬愛的朋友們,中國的新年如期而至,辭“狗”迎“豬”,在此恭祝大家新年快樂!

        Apparently anyone who is born in the year of the pig is studious and gallant, has tremendous inner strength, will not hesitate to strive for their goals, is quiet but well informed, kind, affectionate and loyal for life.  Long story short, in China, being a pig is actually pretty darned cool. 顯然,豬年出生的人勤奮好學,英勇無畏,有巨大的內在力量,會毫不猶豫地為自己的目標而奮斗,安靜而博識,善良、深情且忠誠。簡而言之,生肖為豬在中國其實相當酷。

        Here at Mandarin Film, our annual Chinese New Year tradition is to share the ten most mind-blowing locations that we have had the pleasure of filming at this year.  If you’re curious about filming in China or partnering with us on a project,  please feel free to reach out.  在華影青橙,我們一年一度的中國新年傳統是與大家分享我們今年有幸拍攝的最令人興奮的十大拍攝場地。如果您有興趣在中國拍攝或有意跟我們合作,歡迎隨時聯系我們!


        10. Vast Floating Solar Farms, Yangtze River


        Yes, floating solar farms are a thing, and of course, in China they are the biggest and the best. 沒錯,漂浮太陽能發電廠在中國是最大也是最好的工程。

        The vast fields of panels that sit atop the Yangtze river are known as the largest floating solar project in the world. Having said this, given the brisk pace China is building more renewable projects, it’s unlikely to hold that title for very long. 坐落在長江江面上,巨大并寬闊的面板被稱為世界上最大的漂浮太陽能發電項目。 話雖如此,鑒于中國正在快速建設更多的可再生能源項目,它不太可能長期保持這一頭銜。

        The floating power plant will produce enough energy to power 15,000 homes. Building on bodies of water, especially manmade lakes that are not ecologically sensitive, helps protect agricultural land and terrestrial ecosystems from being developed for destructive energy use. The water also cools the electronics in the solar panels, helping them to work more efficiently.  漂浮太陽能發電廠將產生巨大的電能,為15,000個家庭供電。 漂浮太陽能發電廠建設在蓄水池上,或者建立在不破壞生態環境的人造湖泊上,有助于保護農田和陸地生態系統不受破壞性能源的影響。 周邊的水還可以冷卻太陽能電池板中的電子元件,幫助它們更有效地工作。

        The panels featured in Our Planet, a film for Netflix by Silverback Films in association with WWF. See the Trailer here.  漂浮太陽能發電廠在《我們的星球》(Our Planet)中出現過,這是Silverback Films世界自然基金會(WWF)聯合為Netflix制作的一部電影。 點擊此處觀看預告片


        9. Loopy Bridges in Shanghai


        Car shoots in Shanghai are pretty standard, but our client Final Frame in Germany wanted to make this one stand out – so we bridged that valley to get extra super-duper cool locations for the Hella shoot. Nanpu Bridge is as rad as bridges get in Shanghai – and of course you need to shoot it with a drone to get the full effect.  This video recently won gold at the New York Festival TV and Film Awards. 在上海,汽車的拍攝是非常標準化的,但是我們德國的客戶Final Frame 想要通過這個短片令這款車型脫穎而出, 所以我們在山谷間架起了橋梁,為Hella的拍攝獲得額外超級炫酷的地點。南浦大橋就如同連接上海與其他領域的橋梁一樣,只有使用無人機才能達到最佳效果。這部作品近期獲得了紐約電視電影節金獎


        8. Beijing Palace Eaves - Wild Metropolis

            北京故宮的屋檐 - 野性都市

        The Beijing Swift is so famous. The swift nests in some of the city’s most spectacular locations – including the Summer Palace and Zhengyang Gate at Tiananmen Square, presenting tricky access challenges for the filming crew.  In this film we worked with the BBC to overcome access obstacles and film these amazing birds that fly 30,000 kilometers a year and rarely touch the ground.  北京雨燕是一種著名的鳥類. 雨燕經常在北京一些著名的歷史遺跡筑巢——包括頤和園和天安門廣場的正陽門,這令攝制組的拍攝遇到了非常棘手的問題,我們與BBC合作一起克服了這些障礙,拍攝到了這些每年在空中飛行3萬公里的神奇鳥類。

        Wild Metropolis is a new landmark three part wildlife series made for the BBC with co-producers Tencent (China) and PBS (US).  由BBC, 騰訊和PBS(美國)聯合出品的《野性都市》的三部野生世界系列紀錄片是一個新的里程碑。


        7. Virtual Battles and Foggy Steppes , Inner Mongolia


        Yes – virtual locations are still locations!  In this case, shooting Genghis Khan battlefield plates and short scenes on the Mongolian Steppe for a huge computer game franchise.  是的——這是虛擬地點也是真實的地點!在這里拍攝成吉思汗戰爭和蒙古大草原的短片都是作為大型電腦游戲的特定素材。

        This was our producer Shan Shan’s favorite ever shoot – even though it was foggy every day and the whole shoot needed to be squeezed into the few hours on the final day when the fog finally lifted.  Phew!  這是我們最制片人珊珊最難忘的一次拍攝—這里每天都是被霧籠罩,直到最后一天大霧才退去,以致于整個拍攝時間壓縮到幾個小時。唷!


        6. The Long Game, Heqing, Yunnan Province  
            The Long Game,云南鶴慶

        In early 2018 US news site Upworthy, missioned Mandarin Film to produce a short video as part of a global series about long term change-makers, entitled ‘the Long Game’.   在2018年初,美國新聞網站Upworthy, 委托華影青橙制作一個名為《The Long Game》的短片,作為反應全球長期變革者的系列節目的一部分。

        We arranged at Heqing, Yunnan Province in China’s far South-West corner, to film TNC’s work around Plateau Wetland and Bird Habitat Conservation.  We were blown away by what we witnessed.  Amongst the rapid development of the area what we found was a quiet, clean heaven for birds of every stripe, and a paradise for bird watchers and nature-lovers. 我們去到了中國邊遠西南角云南省的鶴慶,去拍攝大自然保護協會在高原濕地和鳥類棲息的保護工作。我們被眼前所見所震驚了。在這個高速現代化的城市中,我們發現了一片寧靜整潔的鳥類天堂,一個鳥類觀察者和自然愛好者的樂園。


        5. Food Glorious Food, Food Unwrapped

        Food is a national obsession in China, and food junkies will go to any extremes to get their gastronomic fix.


        Food Unwrapped is a long-running popular Channel 4 TV show that travels the world exploring the industry secrets behind our favourite foods. 《食物真相》是一部走遍世界探索我們最喜愛食物背后真相的電視節目,本節目已在英國第四頻道播出多年并且深受歡迎。

        Highlights of the shoot included capturing Matt Tebutt opening a freshly fished clam to discover dozens of pearls inside, Jimmy Doherty making traditional soy sauce at a picturesque riverside with 3000 pots of fermenting soy beans and, the star of the show – a five year old boy showing our host how to forage bamboo shoots on the wild film set of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. 拍攝亮點:抓拍Matt Tebutt打開剛剛捕撈的蛤蜊,發現了幾十粒的珍珠;Jimmy Doherty在風景如畫的河邊,以及3000壇正在釀造的醬油壇旁用傳統工藝制作醬油,另一個精彩時刻是,一個五歲男孩在電影《臥虎藏龍》的取景地蜀南竹海中尋覓竹筍。

        Food Unwrapped China Special Part 1  https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6jf97f《食物真相》中國特別版第一部

        Food Unwrapped China Special Part 2 https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x6jf97g《食物真相》中國特別版第二部 


        4. A Sweep of West China 


        From JiayuGuan – The Great Wall’s westernmost watchtower in the desert, to the tropical lush waterfalls of Detian, these were some of the most challenging shoot locations in all of China. The journey led our multiple camera crews from the furthermost border of Horgos in north-west of China, to Pingxiang at the China-Vietnam border in the south west, Mandarin Film took these teams across half of China to make this challenging show happen. 從沙漠中長城最西端的嘉峪關瞭望塔,到熱帶茂密雨林中的德天瀑布,這些都是中國最有挑戰的拍攝地。這次旅程帶領我們的攝影團隊從中國西北部最遙遠的邊境霍爾果斯,到中國西南部中越邊境的憑祥,華影青橙帶著這些團隊穿越了半個中國,完成了這場具有挑戰性的拍攝。

        Mandarin Film worked with Studio Lambert, an award-winning TV production company to help with the China portion of this original travel documentary programme entitled ‘Race Across the World’. 華影青橙與屢獲殊榮的電視制作公司Studio Lambert合作,為這部名為《環球競速》(Race Across the World)的原創旅游紀錄片的中國部分提供幫助。

        Watch the trailer here and the China episode here.  點擊此處觀看預告片,中國的劇集點擊此處


        3. Death Defying Cliff Climbs - White-headed Black Langur 
            挑戰死亡懸崖的攀巖 - 白頭葉猴

        The beautiful karst landscapes of south west China make a dramatic backdrop to the death defying free solo climbs of the White-headed Black langurs troupes.  Move over Alex Honnold – White-headed Black Langurs, some as young as six months old, make these daily climbs from the forest floor to their citadels on the cliff tops.   在中國西南部美麗的喀斯特地貌為白頭葉猴的攀爬創造了一個戲劇性的背景。能超越徒手攀巖的狂人Alex Honnold—白頭葉猴,一些猴子只有六個月大,每天從森林的地面爬到懸崖頂上。

        Mandarin Film is co-producing a new one hour wildlife documentary with Earth Touch for CCTV9Smithsonian and ORF.  This 4K documentary will showcase these critically endangered White-headed Black langurs in their breathtaking karst homeland of Guangxi.  Already in production, watch out for these cliff-climbing primates with white mohicans and bright orange babies in summer 2020! 華影青橙正與Earth Touch 為CCTV9SmithsonianORF共同制作時長為一小時的野生動物紀錄片。這部紀錄片將展示極度瀕危白頭葉猴在令人稱奇的廣西喀斯特地區的生活。記錄這些白頭葉猴的紀錄片已經在制作中,在2020年夏天,請注意這些長著白色莫西干發型葉猴和亮金色的猴子寶寶。


        2. Starting at the Source

        Mandarin Film is producing a new documentary and interactive webseries following travel adventurer Ash Dykes on his mission, created a new Guinness World Record: The first person to walk the length of the Yangtze River.  The show is provisionally entitled Walking the Yangtze with Ash Dykes. 華影青橙正在制作一部全新的紀錄片和互動網絡劇,講述了一名叫Ash Dykes 的探險家徒步長江的故事,成為吉尼斯紀錄的第一個徒步長江全程的人。紀錄片的名字暫定為《徒步長江》,互動網絡劇的名字為《小戴闖長江》

        In this incredible new series, British adventurer Ash Dykes takes us on his most ambitious record- attempt yet: the Yangtze, which is the longest river in Asia and spans across 6,380km long. 這是一個令人難以置信的新系列,英國探險家Ash Dykes讓我看到了他雄心勃勃的記錄,沿著迄今為止亞洲最長的江:長江徒步,長江全長6380千米。

        Mandarin Film is partnering with global distributor Bomanbridge and web and TV partners in China and internationally to produce the TV and webseries that has already begun production and will be delivered in late 2019. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCholW9FU8n9pCE_3OK6t2Lw. 華影青橙正在與全球發行商Bomanbridge以及中國和國際上的網絡和電視合作,制作這部電視影片和網絡互動劇,這部劇已經開始制作,將于2019年底上映。https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCholW9FU8n9pCE_3OK6t2Lw


        1. Flame Throwing Drones and Three Wheel Mishaps, Guizhou  

        From in-car saunas to goose-intestine hot pot, million-dollar luxury cars to three-wheeler stunts, the China episode of Amazon Prime’s The Grand Tour is a sight to behold.  從車內桑拿到鵝腸火鍋,從百萬美元的豪車到三輪車特技,亞馬遜Prime在中國推出的《大世界之旅》(the Grand Tour)都是值得一看的。


        The show was Amazon Video’s most watched premiere episode, and although no viewing figures are availableit is generally regarded as one of the most watched TV shows in the world, even surpassing Game of Thrones in terms of ‘most illegally downloaded show’! 這是亞馬遜視頻首播節目中的收視最高的節目,雖然并沒有具體的數據,但是《大世界之旅》是世界范圍內收視最高的節目之一,在非法下載最多的節目評選中,《大世界之旅》的熱度甚至超過了《權力的游戲》。



        The shoot took place in several provinces in South China, and included scenes of the presenters exploring China, driving some amazing roads and performing dare-devil stunts.  One of the many challenges of the shoot was to get temporary driving licenses for the cast and crew. Something that had never been permitted before. We filmed a million dollar car, and gained support from different local government bodies allowing the crew to film on the jaw-dropping highway and bridge constructions of China’s stunning southern mountain areas.  這次拍攝在中國南部的幾個省份進行,包括主持人探索中國的故事。主持人在風光旖旎的公路上馳騁,并挑戰高難度的特技表演。其中一項艱巨的任務是為節目的工作人員和演員們獲取臨時駕駛許可證。我們拍攝了一輛價值100萬美元的汽車,并得到了不同地方政府機構的支持,允許攝制組在令人瞠目結舌的高速公路和中國南部山區的橋梁建設上進行拍攝。

        Not enough amazing locations?  You can see the last few year’s here too! 令人震驚的、美妙的地方還不夠? 您可以點擊這里查看到近幾年的信息。


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        SEP 18 2019

        Lupe Fiasco Knows Kung Fu 嘻哈藝人功夫行


        Mandarin Film worked with Netflix and Hong Kong based production companies The Mustard Collective and Icicle to produce an exciting new reality TV show starring US hip-hop artist, Lupe Fiasco影青橙近期協助網飛Netflix、香港的制作公司The Mustard CollectiveIcicle制作了一部由嘻哈藝人Lupe Fiasco領銜出演的真實有趣的新版電視秀。


        The premise of the series is intriguing – what would some of the world’s biggest stars be doing if they weren’t doing what made them famous?  Lupe journeys to China to discover his huge passion before rap: Kung Fu. 這是個有趣的系列故事 -如果聞名世界的大明星不做他們的本職工作,那他們會做什么呢?Lupe在中國之旅中找尋他在說唱事業之前的最大興趣:功夫。


        A little known fact about Lupe is that he has been training in martial arts since he was three years old in Chicago.   Together with Icicle and The Mustard Collective we were able to make Lupe’s dreams come true as he visited the hometown of his childhood wushu hero, Wang Ziping. 意想不到的是Lupe在他三歲時曾在芝加哥練過武術。我們和 Icicle 還有 The Mustard Collective 一起,幫助Lupe完成了參觀他孩童時期心中武術英雄王子平故鄉的夢想。

        With a late green light meaning just two and a half weeks available for research and coordination, Mandarin Film worked with Mustard to create the story line, cast the characters and secure all (very various!) filming locations. The filming took place across three cities in eight days, with a 10-person crew scurrying through four train stations.   Mandarin Film managed all local logistics as well as crew and kit hiring.  時間緊任務重,客戶只給了我們兩個半星期的時間做調研和協調的工作。影青橙Mustard一起創作故事線,塑造人物和擔保所有各種多元化的拍攝地點。這部片子在8天內拍攝了3個城市,10人的攝制組匆匆穿過4個火車站。華影青橙負責當地拍攝的所有管理及制片工作,以及招聘攝制組和租賃設備。

        Mandarin Film secured exclusive access to diverse locations including the largest Mosque in Cangzhou, the Shaolin temple in Dengfeng, Beijing’s Temple of Heaven and seven other locations. 華影青橙獲得了各大拍攝場地的獨家訪問權,包括滄州最大的清真寺,登封的少林寺,北京的天壇和其他七個拍攝地點。


        Lupe trained in everything from the mainstream to the esoteric: be it a Muslim Sweeping Feet and Fist form, the original Shaolin 18-hand fist form, and Internal Fist, a form of internal martial arts. Lupe訓練的十分全面:查滑拳,少林拳十八式和內家拳(內家武術的一種形式)。

        Our favourite part was helping Lupe have a bespoke traditional Chinese sword made just for him at the forge of one of the very few master sword makers left in China.  An incredible memory and an incredibly major headache getting it back to the US for Lupe! 我們最喜歡的部分是給Lupe定制了一把他專屬的中國傳統寶劍,寶劍由中國現有為數不多的鑄劍師傅鑄造。Lupe帶著一份難得的記憶和大難題(寶劍)回到美國。


        Besides martial arts, Lupe also collaborated with a leading Chinese hip-hop artist on a piece about his trip to China. Was Lupe up for the martial arts challenge? What does a US/China rap battle sound like?  You will have to watch and see…. Coming to Netflix soon. 除了功夫,Lupe在他的中國旅途中還合作了中國的嘻哈藝人 。是Lupe挑起對武術的挑戰?還是美式和中式嘻哈的相碰撞?精彩即將在Netflix呈現。



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