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      1. 好运棋牌

        • 2013
        • 5 minutes
        • International News Media, Internet and social media
        • Patrick Carr
        • IWC Schaffhausen

        As part of the 3rd annual Beijing International Film Festival, luxury watch manufacturer IWC held a gala celebrating some of the biggest names in Chinese film, including movie director Zhang Yimou.

        Mandarin Film prepped, filmed and edited video content showcasing the event within a super-tight turn-around period of just 24 hours.  Working through the night, not only did we have to deal with two languages, subtitles and corporate branding guidelines, within one day we even managed to deliver sound bites for the press and incorporate comments from Shanghai and Switzerland.

        “Mandarin Film hit this one out of the park.  Friendly yet supremely professional, they did a fantastic job and we can’t wait to work with them again on our future projects in Asia.” Executive IWC

        For press, internet and social media in China and the West