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      1. 好运棋牌

        • 2013
        • 2 episodes 5 minutes
        • Internet, Social Media and Public Screen release

        Mandarin Film produced three videos for Amsterdam-based real estate developer Kardan Land in answer to the problem: “how to showcase a real estate development that hasn’t been completed yet?” 

        This was a true ‘script to screen’ project.  Through the process of developing many different creative ideas we were able to move with the client through the selection and storyboarding process to a strong shooting script.  

        Thanks to our thorough preparation the Beijing, Chengdu and Dalian shoots went without a hitch and the client was suitably delighted with the results: A beautiful mood video introducing Chengdu project for a general audience, and two introductory videos of the Dalian project, one for potential residential buyers and one for prospective retail tenants.

        “We loved working with Mandarin Film.  We went through a rigorous pitching process with multiple production companies and agencies: Mandarin Film stood head and shoulders above the others for responsiveness, creativity and professionalism.  We couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”  

        - Kardan Land executive Dror Poleg