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      1. 好运棋牌

        • Alibaba

          A video for one of the world's biggest companies celebr...

          Mandarin Film worked with Alibaba to create a video seen around the world for 11.11, China’s shopping festival.

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        • Bentley and Volkswagen
          Internet, Social Media and Public Screen release
          Global Videos featuring well known stars Jay Leno and J...

          Mandarin Film produced global viral video hits for Bentley and Volkswagen, featuring Jackie Chan and Jay Leno. 

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        • Western Union

          Viral Video celebrating the way Western Union connects ...

          Mandarin Film completed a fast turnaround project for Western Union’s ‘Chain of Betters’. The commercial brought together a son and his parents working abroad using modern technology.

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        • IWC Schaffhausen
          International News Media, Internet and social media

          As part of the 3rd annual Beijing International Film Festival, luxury watch manufacturer IWC held a gala celebrating some of the biggest names in Chinese film, including movie director Zhang Yimou.

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        • Kardan Land
          Internet, Social Media and Public Screen release

          Mandarin Film produced three videos for Amsterdam-based real estate developer Kardan Land in answer to the problem: “how to showcase a real estate development that hasn’t been completed yet?” 

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