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      1. 好运棋牌

        • Empress of Evil: Wu Zetian

          A docu-drama on China's only female Emperor, partly fin...

          In the summer and autumn of 2015 Mandarin Film worked with True North to recreate the world of ‘Evil’ Empress Wu Zetian, China’s first and only empress of China in the seventh century.  This docu-drama involved ...

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        • Green China Rising
          National Geographic Channel
          End-to-end produced by Mandarin Film Coproduction with ...

          Green China Rising is a visually stunning one-hour science doc about how the world’s biggest polluter could become its greatest saviour.   

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        • The Future of Cities
          Theatrical Release

          This feature documentary about the legacy of famed American urbanist philosopher Jane Jacobs travels to the world’s biggest cities to investigate the future of urbanization.

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        • The Story of China
          BBC TWO
          A 6 part series telling China's 5,000 year history in a...

          Exploring the history of the world's oldest civilization and newest superpower, Story of China is an extraordinarily ambitious six part BBC/PBS landmark series presented by TV historian Michael Wood. 

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