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      1. 好运棋牌

        • Apple Music Launch G.E.M.

          To support their all-important China launch for Apple Music, Mandarin Film produced a three minute video on superstar artist G.E.M.  

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        • Audi
          Stills/ Internet Advertisement
          Award winning German photographer Magnus Winter present...

          Mandarin Film produced a week-long photoshoot for Audi by world famous photographer Magnus Winter. The shoot took place in Hangzhou and Shaoxing and involved a full process of casting, scouting and production.   "Working ...

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        • Jaguar XJ 'Skyroad'

          A series of photos showing of the car on China's Sky Ro...

          Mandarin Film produced a three minute video highlighting Sichuan’s beautiful new Skyroad.

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        • Reebok
          Stills/ Internet Advertisement
          Photo Shoot with multiple F1 Champion Lewis Hamilton.

          Mandarin Film produced a Reebok commercial for DDB Germany in Shanghai with Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton. Shot by renowned photographer Ruud Baan. 

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