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      1. 好运棋牌

        • Berlinale Special, Berlin Film Festival 2010
        • Best Documentary, Docville Film Festival 2010
        • TCM Audience Award Best European Film, San Sebastian Film Festival 2010
        • 2012
        • 90 minutes
        • Theatrical and DVD release
        • Award-winning feature documentary on Norman Foster.

        The life of one of the world's most famous architects. Hong Kong and Beijing parts produced by Mandarin Film

        This feature doc follows the life of Norman Foster, one of the world’s most famous architects, and his quest to make the world better through design.  MF produced and location directed the Beijing and Hong Kong parts of the shoot.

        Shot on 35mm film, we had to work hard to be nimble and get the right shots with cumbersome equipment and a large foreign crew in some of the most sensitive places in Beijing.

        The documentary has gone on to win multiple awards and has strong DVD sales and viewing figures.

        "Hugely Enjoyable"

        Philip French, The Observer 


        "A handsome portrait of one of the most esteemed architects of the modern age"

        – The Telegraph