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      1. 好运棋牌

        Crew Hire in China

        Crew Hire in China

        Your crew are the single most important factor in making your shoot a success. It will start with choosing the right production company - by reading this, you're well on the way to making the right choice there…

        Mandarin Film knows you'll need bi-lingual, highly talented crew that understand international professional standards and technical requirements. Local crew will also give you a crucial advantage: local knowledge. Whether it's what to say to the suspicious security guard, where to get a perfect top-shot, or what dish to order for the local official you're trying to impress, Mandarin Film crew can help.

        Mandarin Film has developed a deep pool of freelance talent available for every kind of shoot – most commonly we are asked for great DPs and/or directors and we are happy to keep sending reels until you find the one perfect for your shoot. We are also often asked for soundmen and gaffers. In terms of producers we have a great team of in house bilingual fully trained and experienced staff that range from seasoned television producers, sound line-producers, hungry associate producers and keen-as-mustard production assistants.

        We can supply everyone from directors, producers, fixers, translators and drivers to DPs, gaffers and sound technicians. We can even get you a Chinese director or a wire-work specialist if you want - just ask!